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Subject: High School: Foreign Exchange Chapter 1DISCLAIMER: This story depicts graphic sexual encounters between two
consenting males. If you are offended by homoerotic content, please leave.
If it is illegal to read this content where you preteen anal incest live, please preteen ass uk do not stay on
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is purely coincidental and unintentional. Do not copy, change or otherwise
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Foreign Exchange
I had only one week until I spent the next nine months in the
United States. My older preteen pussy
name is Jon Pierre Roux. I live in the town of Macon,
France, it is north of Lyon, France. I have an older brother George and a
younger sister Emily. My father died when I was a little boy. He was in
the military and was sent to Iraq, for the first gulf war, since he is part
of the U.N. Peace Force. So, growing up was a little hard for me, since
all I had, as a father figure was my older brother. My mother worked hard
to give us a comfortable life. I was about to start, what you Americans
call, my senior year of high school.
The year before, I was contacted by the American Rotary Club and
asked if I would be interested in their exchange program. I get to spend
my last year of school in a foreign country. I took the pamphlet home and
let my mother look over it. She was excited that I had been offered this
opportunity, but was worried that she wouldn't be able to afford for me to
go, so I offered to take up a part time job to help with the expenses. I
worked for better part of a year and saved up all the money I needed for
the airfare and for the fee's associated with the program. All in all, I
saved up over 10,000, which in US dollars is over $13,000.
My mom bought me new clothes and a new laptop computer. She wanted
me to make a good impression with my host family. About a month ago, I
received a packet that had pictures of my host family and all the
information that I would need to know about the town I would be calling
home for the next 10 months. My host family were the Micheal's. The dad's
name was John. The mom's was Susan. They had three boys. Oldest was
Peter, he was shaven preteens 21 and was away at college, next was Charlie, but everyone
calls him Chuck, he's my age 18, and will be showing me around, while I'm
there. And last, but not least is Mikey, he's 15. They look like a
typical American family, but who am I to say what a typical family looks
like in America.
I was at the park across the street from my house, when I heard my
mom call out to me, so I went running to find out what she was wanting. I
found my mom in preteen strip game
the parlor sitting on the couch next to the phone. She had
a preteen 3d photos really serious look on her face. Every time she's had that look on her
face, someone in the family has died. She looked at me and said, "Vous
avez un coup de telephone." Which in English is "You have a phone call."
"Merci, Maman."(thanks, mom) I told her."Bonjour ?"(Hello?) I said into the phone. I listened to what was said on
the other side. The man was telling me that my host family was going on
vacation the same time I was supposed to be arriving, and had asked if I
could come out early and join them. I was more than ecstatic to go, but my
mom vintage preteen photo wasn't. She was nearly in tears when I told the Rotary Representative
that I would be more than glad to leave three days earlier. Needless to
say, I was excited, yet scared to be leaving my mother, my family, and my
country. It was my first traveling experience. Would preteen movie tgp I get lost? Would
the airline lose my luggage? I was terrified, but at the same time, I
couldn't wait. I was beside myself with joy. I went running out back to
my friends and told them I would be leaving earlier. I thought they would
be happy for me, but instead, they had tears in their eyes. They were sad
to see me go, but they knew that this was what I had been wanting to do, so
they wished me luck, and we continued out football game.
The next two weeks came preteen russian porn and went, I was trembling at the airport, I
had to fly in a small plane from my town to Paris, then from Paris, I would
have to fly to New York City, then connect to a flight to somewhere in
Minnesota. That morning, standing at the security check point at the
airport, my mom and the rest of my family was there to see me off and wish
me luck. None of my family had dry eyes. My mom was the one with the most
tears, she was afraid that she would loose me forever, but I just told her
"Ne pas inquieter maman, je serai arriere, avant que vous le savez." (Don't
worry mom, I'll be back before you know it.) With that, I said my good
byes and walked through preteen blowjobs pics the security check point, leaving the life I knew,
and my family behind, to begin an adventure I will never forget, for as
long as I live.
Author's Note: This is my fourth story. I hope you will enjoy it. Sorry if
you catch grammatical errors and such, I don't have an editor and am in
search for one.
Comments and suggestions can be sent to
For my other story's you can read them at
Feel free to join my group on yahoo at
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